Merge Duplicate Google Business Listings

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Remove duplicate locations in your account If you add a location that’s already been verified in Google My Business, it won’t appear on Google Maps and will be marked as a "Duplicate location" in your account.

How to Delete Duplicate Google Maps My Business listingsSearch for your business on Google Plus and Google My Business. If you're hard pressed for time, The Google My Business Page Finder might Take note of any listings that are not your primary claimed listing and save their URLs to keep them handy. Check to see if any of your duplicate…

While those are great features, a new feature Google released today solves a problem that I and many, many others have: the ability to merge all of your duplicate contacts. If you e-mail enough people …

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The same is true of duplicate spreadsheet data … data while simultaneously hiding data that doesn’t match your search criteria. Open a workbook with two worksheets you’d like to merge. The worksheet…

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Contact Google My Business through Twitter Support (@googlemybiz) and ask them to mark the old listing as moved. If the incorrect address is one that Google cannot merge claimed listings so you'll have to unverify 2 of them. I would unverify the mailing address and ask them to merge that one since…

How to Handle Duplicate Google My Business Listings Having multiple or duplicate listings can be the difference between ranking on page 1 and not ranking at all. For a single doctor clinic having a listing for your name and one for your business can also be a duplicate listing issue.

When I tell people that I use Google’s Gmail (s goog … The latest improvement is a simple method to search for duplicate contacts and merge them. I knew I had a bunch of duplicates because I see the…

Google My Business cannot merge 2 verified listings. If they are both verified and you only have ownership of one, you will first need to get ownership of both before they can be merged. To start this process, try and claim the listing you do not have control over and it will prompt you on how you can get control from the existing owner.

Solved: Two Business Listings of the same location Listing 1 – Verified, but no reviews Listing 2 – Not Verified but 4 quality reviews I am – 1161196. Listing 2 – Not Verified but 4 quality reviews. I am really not sure, how to merge these two business all together.

This article shows you how to remove duplicate locations in your Google My Business account or report duplicate locations found on Google Maps. Click "Delete this listing." To remove multiple duplicate locations: Sign in to Google My Business. In your "Account summary," click Duplicate…


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